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Do it Yourself (DIY) Wedding Invitations

Preparing for a wedding, whether for 50, 100, or 500 guests can really take a toll on your budget. With everything starting from scratch, you would have to purchase and pay for every single aspect of the wedding.

There are some things though that you can personally make - it can save you cost and at the same time, you get to give it a personal touch. Your wedding invitation, flowers, and wedding favors are some things you can prepare on your own. When making Do-It-Yourself wedding invitations, here's what you will need.

- Printer and Paper - Get specialty paper from your paper supply shop and you can also choose between scented and unscented ones. A good quality printer is what you'll need because apart from the paper, the print will give away if they were poorly done or they were professionally made. Always remember to buy a few extra sheets so you need not go back to the bookstore for replacements. Also have alternative designs for paper if the original design that you wanted will not work out. The type of paper and the thickness, called GSM, are some considerations whether they will truly be compatible with your printer or not.

- Packaging - Apart from the common paper envelope, there are other materials and designs that you can use as packaging such as cloth, mesh, bottle or even bamboo. While the paper envelope is the least expensive, you can still use cloth and the other materials provided you start out using raw materials and you simply make them into small envelopes or canisters by sewing or gluing the pieces together, as needed.

- Accessories and embellishments - You can put charms, ribbons or lace to accessorize your packaging and make it look more professionally done. You can check out bridal magazines for options and ideas on how you can accessorize and decorate your wedding invitations.

- Wordings - You can search online for templates that are normally used in wedding invitations. Apart from the detail that needs to be mentioned, love quotes or your vow to each other are sometimes included as well. The complete line-up for the entourage is also important so they would know who to expect. Check the names for spelling, and the other wordings for typos.

Compared to the cost charged by printing press, it will save you more than 50% of your cost if you create your own wedding invitations. Most importantly, make sure that you have ample time to finalize and then make them as formal invitations are normally sent a month before the wedding (apart from the save the date announcements of course).

Making your wedding invitations can be fun, and it can also be a good bonding moment with your fiancee, if he wants to help out too. Remember that even if you intend to save, what is important is that you do not get stressed or fuss over something like invitations. It can be as easy and as fun as you want it to be.


What Really Matters? Quality Business Cards

Voila! You have just received your business cards. They look nice, in fact they look gorgeous and you are really satisfied with the work that designer studio has done.

Is your card really that good though? There are several things that matter most than the overall look of the card. They can be omitted because you forget to mention them or because your card was done unprofessionally.

The first thing to check is the size of your card. Nowadays there are several standards and you should comply with them. Of course you can always go for something untraditional however this is not always the smartest move.

The next thing to pay attention to is the quality of the paper. Indeed cards printed on cheaper paper are less expensive but they go to the trash bin more often too. Let alone that cheap paper cards damage quicker and they usually look like rubbish by the moment you need to give them away. Invest into quality paper as business cards are supposed to bring you new business.

The ink quality should also pass a test. It should not run if you drop liquid over it. This doesn't mean to try pouring a whole cut of water and let your card stay there overnight. Drop a few drops instead and see what will happen.

The colors and the design of the card are also important. Too many colors, unless they are in a picture, will distract the attention of the viewer. The same rule applies to the images printed on your card. Too many images are distracting.

The fonts used and the font sizes are also a tricky part. Check what the situation with your card is. How many fonts have been used? Do you have difficulties reading the text? Or it is quite too big? Are there any ornaments such as underline, bold or italics used? Is there enough white space on the card? Answer these questions and you will quickly see if there is a problem.

Finally check again your information your name and position, your company name, address, phone or fax numbers, web site address and emails. Are there any spelling mistakes or typos? Of course there should not be any. A single digit mistaken in a phone number can ruin everything especially if you do not spot it. If you do the only thing that you will have to do is to re print the cards.

This is more or less everything needed for a good business card. Have this checklist with you when you start designing your cards. If your cards are already done, check them accordingly and see if you will not need to reprint them.


Using Job Recruiters In A Job Search

For many job seekers, searching for a job can be a long and time consuming task. You are constantly studying job advertisements, writing and sending resumes, and networking. It may seem like you have too much to do and very little time to do it. One way to make your search easier is acquiring the services of a job recruiter.

Using a job recruiter will help you manage your time, focus on suitable jobs, and improve results. The right recruiter will have a great deal of knowledge about the industry in which you want to work and the employers. They will have industry contacts and know about job openings that may not be posted publicly. Sending your resume to a job recruiter is good step to obtaining a job

What does a Job Recruiter do?

Recruiters work for employers or employment departments within a business or corporation. An employer will pay job recruiters a fee to find the best employee for their company. A recruiter does not work for you, but will match your qualifications with the type of employee an employer is seeking.

Types of Recruiters

Retained Recruiters: The recruiter has a contract with a company to fill a specific job opening. Retained recruiters tend to work with high level positions. They will advertise the position and find the most qualified person for the job. Their advertisement will contain all the essential information and requirements for the position. The recruiter will receive a retainer in the form of a fee for their service.

Contingency Recruiter: The contingency job recruiter will only receive a fee if they make a job placement. The recruiter does not maintain a relationship with an employer. There may be several contingency firms competing to fill a particular position. Contingency recruiters generally work with mid-level management and professional positions.

The Advantages of Using a Recruiter

No Cost: Most employers pay the recruiter once the employee completes a probationary period. The job seeker does not pay the job recruiter.

Employer Contacts: A quality job recruiter will have relationships with a number of companies. The recruiter will have unique insight into what employers value in their employees. The recruiter will have a relationship with placed job seekers so they will learn what is like working for a particular company.

Jobs Not Advertised: Because so many resumes pour in when a job is posted publicly, many employers will go directly to a job recruiter to post a job instead of posting it publicly.

Specialty Recruiters: Many job recruiters specialize in a certain career area. It is important to ask a recruiter about their specialty before sending your resume.

The following outlines a number tips that may be helpful when searching for a job recruiter:

- Recruiters prefer working with people who have a specific career objective.
- A willingness to relocate will attract more recruiters.
- Talk with people who have experience working with a particular recruiter. You will learn if the recruiter is dedicated to filling job positions.
- Be wary of a recruiter that approaches job seekers. Normally job seekers approach job recruiters.
- Make sure you tell the job recruiter your salary history. This will let them know the appropriate salary range for your desired job.
- Always be courteous with a job recruiter. Always return their calls as soon as possible because it shows the recruiter you are very interested in finding a job

Whether the economy is good or bad, finding a job can be difficult. Competition for jobs is steadily increasing. Using a job recruiter will improve your chances of securing your desired job.


Recycling at the Office is Not That Hard To Do

Going Green is a popular idea these days. Green has come to represent a way of life that is in step with good stewardship of the earth and its resources.

Consumers are becoming more aware of the importance of recycling, and like to patronize companies that demonstrate the same attitude. It is wise for companies to present a green image to attract customers and enhance customer loyalty.

Paper is in many ways the easiest product to recycle. Employees can easily get into the habit of throwing paper into a recycling bin instead of the trash. To make the habit easier, blue recycling bins can be located next to every wastebasket.

Many nonprofit organizations and schools provide space for paper recycling bins on their property. Recycling companies often donate money to these schools if they give enough paper to be recycled. By being active in this type of program, a company can demonstrate community support and recycle at the same time

Just as crucial as recycling garbage paper is buying recycled office paper. Recycled paper is produced living up to the same standards as other paper, so do not have to give up quality.

Recycling used paper and using recycled paper contributes to reducing the waste volume added to garbage. It also reduces how many trees are cut down in the manufacturing process and reduces toxins from that process as well. In this way, an institution can participate in the full array of recycling activities.

Plastic, aluminum and glass containers can also be collected in the office. Many employees are already in the habit of separating recyclables at home and would like to be able to do so at the office as well. A good way to start is to place collection bins in the break room.

By instituting these easy steps, an organization can reap benefits of an positive corporate image and more customer loyalty which means more profits for the company.


How to Use Magnetic Business Cards Effectively

The use of magnetic business cards is often overlooked. Businesses tend to stick with what they have used over the years, and end up missing out on some new techniques that can help them expand their customer base. All business owners know that marketing is a key factor in growing a business. After all, if nobody knows about your product or service, nobody will buy your product or service. That's elemetery. Do experiment with magnetic business cards. They typically "stick around" (pardon the pun) longer than ordinary cards.

Magnetic business cards can be a very effective marketing tool. In addition to supplying your prospective client with your contact information, you are also ensuring that they will see your information on a daily basis. A magnetic business card is something that your prospective client can actually use. They can put them on their refrigerator at home or at work or on their desk. Every time they use your magnetic business card, they will be reminded of your product or service. I have used this technique myself and have seen sales go up.

Also, if you are into promoting your own company, you can place magnetic business cards on your car (blown up size for better viewing) or anywhere else that they may stick. Magnetic business cards do not have to be the same size as regular business cards, but that is also an option. Either way, you are going to make a positive impact.

This is not to say that you should not buy regular paper cards as well. The two used together can make a very effective marketing plan. Most business card printers will also be able to supply you with magnetic business cards. These magnetic business cards can appear exactly the same as the paper version, but printed on a magnet. If you would rather have a different design printed, you can do that as well. If your printer does not offer this service, you can check out the yellow pages and find one that does. Or go online and visit Vistaprints. I get all my busineess cards from them and have for years.

Even though magnetic business cards are not used a lot, they can be very effective. Order yourself a couple batches and see if you get any results. This marketing effort can help grow your business without spending a ton of money. And that is the name of the game


Furthering Your Professional Education - After You Have Started Your Career

Both before and after you start a career, it is essential to continue to develop your knowledge and skill base. We live in a world where change comes at the drop of a hat-- new technologies, new methods, new ways of thinking. These sorts of changes impact all aspects of the business world. No matter what field you work in, your ability to continue to perform at a high standard of professionalism will always be tied to an active participation in professional education activities throughout your career.

Continuing education for working professionals is important for those who want to advance in their careers, as well as for those who want to keep up with the changes that are sure to impact their current position. Working professionals benefit from many different types of professional education, including working toward advanced degrees as well as participating in professional development training designed to help improve their skills.

The type of continuing professional education that is most beneficial for you will, of course, depend on your personal career goals. If you are seeking to move to a higher level position, you may benefit from pursuing an advanced degree. Obtaining an advanced degree is a time consuming process that, for working adults, can be mentally and physically exhausting. Fortunately, though, there are many degree programs designed specifically to meet the content and scheduling needs of working adults.

The industry in which you work also impacts the type of professional education that might be right for you. Today many industries, such as healthcare and banking, are feeling the effects of increased competition. Therefore, customer service and sales training are likely to be beneficial to both your ability to keep up with industry changes as well as to become eligible for promotions.

Technological changes that impact your job also necessitate professional education for working professionals. Those who desire to move ahead in their careers, as well as those who simply need to maximize skills related to current job performance, definitely need to keep up with technological changes that impact their jobs and their industry. As newer versions of computer applications software are introduced to the market, the very skills needed to perform one's job on a daily basis will change. Technological changes are affecting all industries faster today than ever before. Smart professionals know that it is in their best interest to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to learning how to utilize new technology.

Learning is a lifelong process, especially for professionals who want to achieve maximum career success. Those who don't engage in continuing professional education tend to become complacent-- and they often stagnate in their careers. To enjoy success, it is vital to continue to grow and develop as a professional throughout your career.


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